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    NumericStepper, how to apply localization (comma for period)


      Hi All,


      In the middle of doing some localization of Flex applications.


      I have had no problem getting my application specific resource bundles loading for labels for buttons etc.


      Also not had any problem building and loading my own locale specific resource bundles for the framework.


      Things like DateChooser are picking up the changes for my Spanish, French and German versions.


      NumberFormatter is picking up that for some languages, the decimal separator is a comma rather than a period.


      But NumericStepper doesn't seem to honour this change.


      Can anyone advise how I would change the decimal point in a NumericStepper from a period (.) to a comma (,), or anything else for that matter ?


      I'm targetting the 3.5 SDK. But have also tried it with 4.1 SDK and no joy.