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    Oh Joy "Unexpected File format"


      Well just lost days worth of work. I realllllllly love flash now more than ever. I adding the sound to the almost 100% percent finished file I saved a back up to the flash drive. Well I added one more loop and exported a SWF file, well that file was too large for the disk space on the thumbdrive, so I cleared up space and published again. Then I tried to create a new backup file of the flash document and it refused to save. I tried to save it rename it and everything else I could. It didn't bother me toomuch because I had just saved it,a nd had saved it on the desktop too. Well during its glitch it managed to delete the desktop version (because when I tried to save there it allowed me to attempt to overwrite the old file, but when it could not do so, it just simply choose to delete it with no chance to retrieve it. To make thing even better I displays "unexpected file format when I try to open the one that was saved on the flash drive. The SWF file still exists on the drive, so the drive is just fine, it is just the file. Wow, lesson learned, publishing can cause your files to crash, saving can cause your files to erase, I wonder what can cause flash to work correctly, I would love to find that glitch.


      If anyperson has some advice on how to get an unexpected file to open, I could use the help.

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          JayRoot Level 1

          I also could use help ripping the audio from the SWF file. I can import the SWF to adobe, but the audio vanishes. Soundbooth can rip audio from flv files, other can rip from the fla files, but none of the Adobe seems to work with the native SWF files it uses, which seems really stupid. The inro titles and several effects are lost and ruined in the import, so now I will cut and past the old swf file with the one I am importing to finish the last lip syncs, but the missing audio still needs to be added, and it kind of sucks knowing I have lost several symbols I created in that project.

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            JayRoot Level 1

            Well I was on the phone for two hours or so, disconnected two or three times, connected to the

            live desktop twice, and they were not able to tell me any way to pull audio from an swf, or fix the

            old file. I was told that in theory you can alter teh .fla extensio to .zip,

            then unzip the file and you can acess the inner floders of a .fla file...but it did not work for me. So had to redo tons of work, would still love to find a fix for if this happens again. Oh when they were making me enter the url for the cs live desktop thing the lady said I asn in India...then said Y as in yankee, and I just cracked up inside because I knew she was in India, and then I also knew about the training they get to make it seem like they are american, and yankee is a word they are told to use. Poor girl, she sounded nice...too bad flash isn't.

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              I've had this problem before, if the preview .swf gets corrupted, you can no longer publish your movie, and sometimes the .fla gets corrupted too. If I remember correctly, there was a problem of writing rights on the published file, and rebooting (and/or killing the process in the task manager) solved this problem. But since then I make very frequent backups of my .fla, especially for large outputs.