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    unable to start local server


      by some miracle i got a coldfusion development enviroment installed at my workplace. i coldfusion9 installed for local development at home and i have coldfusion builder trial installed.




      i can add the local server in jrun and i can add it in codlfusion builder but it cannot be started or stopped...


      maybe im just a nub and am doing something incorrectly. i checked several guides as to how to add a local server in cfbuilder.

      ive checked on my cf9 instalation adn thats done correctly.



      ive enabled iis7  including ftp server web management tools app dev features http features and health/diagnostics.




      ok with that out of the way:

      i cannot start the local server

      it says make sute the oport isnt in use or that the server isnt already running. yet the status say stopped.



      each time i try to debug an app IE says cannot display and firefox says connection interupted.