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    Problem with Trial

    cyber fyb Level 1
      I got a problem when trying to open the trial version of Fireworks CS3. Here is the message I got:

      A problem was encountered while trying to load the trial period for Adobe Fireworks CS3.

      Click Quit to see if restarting your computer or reinstalling the software fixes this problem. Otherwise, click Continue to display a sceen where you can enter a valid serial number to begin using the product without trial.

      For your information, I reinstalled Fireworks (always use uninstall and than reinstall and I give one try to the REPAIR feature) 3 times. I restarted the O/S more than 10 times. I had the same problem with Dreamweaver but resolve it by re-installing it from the CD since we bough the product. I am expecting to buy Fireworks at the end of the trial since the budget will be available at that time but not now and I never saw that problem before.

      Again, this is another problem that seems to appear around June 2007, where few people has it but never got response to the problem. I hope I will have more success!!!

      O/S: Windows XP Pro SP2
      RAM: 2GB

      Thank you for any help and if you feel to ask for more information, let me know. As soon as I will got more information and, hopefully, a solution, I will post the information here.
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          cyber fyb Level 1
          Another reply to myself!!!

          I am really concern since we have no guarantee the purchased version will works also. I never see this problem before and the trial must work in order to buy it!!!! I have the same problem when trying Dreamweaver CS3 and than (I was planning to buy it in order to use the new tags for CF8) but since I got that problem with CS3, I decide to rollback to Dreamweaver 8. Unfortunately, I cannot do the same with Fireworks since my new employer does not have any previous copy of this simple but efficient program for a programmer like me!!!

          Thank you for any help has I need to resolve this otherwise I will have to look for something else that work!!!

          Please Adobe, put yourself on that topic to make more money!!! $300 US is waiting for your assistance!

          P.S.: I know that I can go with the support but since the community can be - sometime - more helpful, I prefer that way!
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            cyber fyb Level 1
            Still have the same problem!
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              cyber fyb wrote:
              > Still have the same problem!

              Maybe it's time for that call to technical support. They were quite
              helpful for me.

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                cyber fyb Level 1
                Hi Jim,

                just to let you know that I did contact the customer support but without success since I was dealing with the trial and they are not giving any support for trial version. They told me that I have to buy the product and that I will have 30 days to resolve the problem (where they can assist me once I buy the product) otherwise they can give the money back within the first 30 days.

                It is not so expensive but $300 is still something that I would like to spent with confident. fortunately - for Adobe - I know very well this product (Fireworks) since many version and I am already confident with the product. I am a bit disapoint by the process of their technical support (I never call the technical support before) and ask myself if I will have to put that in my decision to buy it or not for our company!

                One thing that makes me laugh a bit was that the "charming" lady on the phone was suggesting to post my issue on the online Forum to get help from the community! I think it will be a vicious circle for that issue but I will push a bit more in case I can find something to resolve the problem (and mainly to understand what is the problem in case of "next time").

                Thank you to anyone who can help with this.