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    Roundtrip FC 'Panini' to FB 'Burrito'


      Hi all,


      I'm unable to run a project made with FC 'Panini', i've got an error.

      The errors are well explained within the Code section (see below), but, after an import

      in FB 'Burrito', the project is not anymore clickable !


      How can i fix this issue ?

      Notice, that i removed the checkbox omponent within the apps, but, the code is still the same...

      Don't know what to do...If you have any ideas, please let me know.


      Many thks.



      protected function checkBox_clickHandler():void
                      const checkboxlist1State:String = checkboxlist1.currentState;  error
                      if ( checkboxlist1State == 'State1' ) {
                          checkboxlist1.currentState='State2'; error
                      if ( checkboxlist1State == 'State2' ) {
                          checkboxlist1.currentState='State1'; error