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    Changing multiple texture paths in Adobe Flash CS5


      Hey everyone,


      I'm desperately searching for a way to swap out multiple texture paths of images in my library.


      For instance, say I put a set of 5 textures in Adobe/Bitmaps. Later I decide to move the 5 textures to Adobe/Textures and delete the old directory. What I typically have to do is go into each texture file's properties and re-import the image with the new path in place.


      This is fine if I were only dealing with a handful of textures, but as it is, I have nearly 75 or so textures to re-path! If anyone knows of an out-of-the-box way around this or knows of any Flash extensions that could get around this issue and wouldn't mind sharing it here, I'd greatly appreciate it! I've searched around on google and have, so far, come up completely empty.


      Thanks in advance.