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    Missing Features From Audition 3.0 For Windows?


      Hi there.  Just a couple of observations as I continue to beta test the new Audition for Mac:

      1.  I guess they have changed the name of Volume "Envelopes" to "Keyframes".   In Windows, I was able to highlight say, ten or twelves "Envelopes" along a file and then choose "Ctrl-Delete".  It would then erase all of the "Envelopes" within my selected area.  It was a very quick way to eliminate a bunch of "Envelopes" that I didn't want or need.  Is this feature missing in Audition for Mac, or am I overlooking it?

      2.  In Windows, I could choose "Save Session As" and also choose to "Save Associated Files".  This was a great feature because I could save the entire session and the associated files on a USB key and then bring them over to another Audition-equipped computer where I would have access to the entire session.  In Audition for Mac, I cannot figure out how to do this.  Am I missing something?


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          hey there did you ever find a answer to question # 2 ?    I am currently saving as for each file in the multitrack to keep them in the asociated folder Here is my email if anyone has an answer...mphotosolutions@gmail.com



          Thank you

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            _durin_ Adobe Employee

            If you select multiple keyframes along an envelope (the envelope is the line and the keyframes refer to the edit points that lie along that line) and press DELETE on your keyboard, you should be able to delete selected keyframes.  To delete ALL keyframes for a selected envelope, you can click the eraser icon in the Track panel or right-click an edit point and choose Select All Keyframes, then repeat and choose Delete Selected Keyframes.


            The "Save Associated Files" feature has not been implemented at this time.  I personally miss this feature very much and have made certain it is prioritized near the top of the feature backlog list for the next development cycle.