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    documentation of automation delegate events for record,playback


      When trying to use the automation framework, is there any reference documentation of the potential events generated by the Adobe delegate classes?


      I'm looking for something similar to the Flex Automation Object Type Information at www.adobe.com/go/flex3_qtp_object_type_reference (which after the codec parameter processing in the events, but that's fine) or similar to the information in AutoQuickEnv.xml or TEAFlex.xml (also after the codecs and limited to the commonly recorded events).  The only one of those that also includes Spark is the TEAFlex.xml for Flex 4.


      There is not a direct correlation between the events on the underlying classes and the events generated or replayed by the delegates, so it's not clear where to find out the specific details of the automation framework events that those delegates provide other than by the above sources or reading through the delegate source code.


      thanks for any additional information.