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    Slow Disc Performance

    FelixUnderwood Level 2

         I performed the PPBM5 test using both of my independent RAID 0 arrays and both times got a big Fat F in the Disc I/O (avi) test. The first time I ran the test on my 2 x 2Tb RO Seagate drives. The second time with my 2 x 1Tb R0 WD drives. It took 534 secs on the first test and 539 on the second. I'm currently experiencing two issues that may  be affecting performance here:

      1. When I boot up, the system hangs on the Win 7 Welcome screen for  about 30 secs. When I did my first clean install of this new machine 2  months ago, it used to only kiss the Welcome screen and then go  immediately to the desktop. I don't think this is a Matrox issue, for I  recently upgraded Matrox drivers recently and after uninstalling the old  drivers, when rebooting (with no Matrox drivers) it still hung on the  Welcome screen.

      2. Whenever I Export from PPro, if it's on any video preset, it takes  about 30 secs to load. And if I change from one export format to another  (video) it takes about 20 secs. to reflect that change.

          I think a clean install w/o Matrox is in order, though I really don't think Matrox is to blame for these problems. Win 7 SP 1 is due out any day now. I think I'll wait for that. But if any of you have any suggestions in the meantime, my heart won't be broken by avoiding a clean install!


      My system:


      Gigabyte GX-X58A-UD7 moboard

      Intel 980x (not overclocked until I get these issues resolved!)

      24 GB RAM


      SSD Sata III for C-Drive

      2 x 2Tb R0 for Media

      2 x 1Tb R0 for Preview Files

      Win 7 64, PPro 5.0.2, Nvidia 260.99.