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    Better Javascript IDE/Debugger

    John Kriho



      We use Script Debugger for our AppleScript projects, and it works great. Is there something similar for working in Javascript (on the Macintosh)? Looking for something better than Extendscript Toolkit.



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          Harbs. Level 6

          In terms of an IDE, ESTK is all there is. I use BBEdit for writing scripts though. (Although I'm using Script Bay for short ones more and more...)



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            Dirk Becker  Level 4

            Some developers of our team use IntelliJ or its smaller sibbling WebStorm, others prefer Eclipse. NetBeans was a complete failure.




            The mentioned tools have already found several missing "var", variable name / case typos and similar bugs with their automated tests, so I also may give them a try some day. Expect some prework - you will have to adopt a certain "jsdoc" commenting style for automatic type checks, convert the object model for full code completion support and so forth.


            As I never get used to code completion popping up into my face, and do not like fighting overly intelligent editors, I still work with ESTK and XCode for SVN operations. For ESTK I've added some keyboard shortcuts, modified fonts and fields (Find panel ...) to readable sizes and so forth. Debugger integration is also missing for all of them but ESTK - my major reason to stick with it.