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    Project Won't Load

      Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this program and have been taking the flexstore project and have been modifying it (I learn by experimenting with changing things and seeing what happens) and have finally gotten everything linked correctly, however my project will not load in any browser, it gets stuck on the load screen at what looks like 100%... the funny thing is tho, that I can view it just fine and everything shows up perfectly in the flex "design" view... it seems to not be writing to the main .swf file because when I open that file in flash, it's two frames of the load screen instead of one of the load screen and one of the actual site... any help would be appreciated... if you need me to paste up code or send files, let me know... I know everything is linked up well, it might be a failure in the httpservice, but I got rid of that and tried again and it still didn't work so I'm rather clueless...
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          ntsiii Level 3
          You probably have an error in the code, and FB will not compile a new swf. Look for errors in the "Problems" pane of the console.

          Then do a "Project, Clean", and verify the swf is written to the output folder (usually 'bin')

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            TheDude4bides Level 1
            I appreciate the help... one question, does the "Project, Clean" verify the swf is written in the output folder or are those two separate procedures? (If so, how do I verify... i found the Clean tool easy enough)... and I'm triple checking the coding and don't see anything wrong... I'll check again tomorrow morning but if I'm unable to find anything wrong, would you mind taking a look? thanks again for your advice!