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    AE and Pr CS5 --- AVCHD problems???!!!


      Hello. I have problems with After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5 with reading AVCHD (.m2ts) files. I didn't have the problem with CS4.

      I was upgrading my system to x64 - I was reinstalling my system and I have installed the AE and Pr CS5. I have installed QuickTime and I don't know how to solve the problems:


      #PROBLEM 01 - After Effects CS5 -

           Whenever I try to import an AVCHD file it shows me this error message:

      After Effects error: file 'name_of_file.m2ts' cannot be imported --- this '.m2ts' file is damaged or unsupported.


      #PROBLEM 02 - Premiere Pro CS5 -

           I don't have problems with the video, but with the audio. Whener I try to add an AVCHD file into the timeline it doesn't add a Sound. It is only adding a video.


      HOW CAN I SOLVE THE PROBLEMS??? I had no problems with CS4 but now... Please help me, I'm very desperate.