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    Dropped Frames when capturing CS5


      I have been using CS PPro for several years now and have not had problems with dropped frames while capturing from my mini dv tapes.


      But recently, I keep getting dropped frames when the setups are the same as before.  Do not know what happen!!


      My system is Dell XPS 35MT core i7 cpu, 6 G RAM, Radeon HD 4850 521MB.  My player is Sony GVHD700 through i link (Firewire), capturing to a 1 T Hitachi hard drive through an USB 2 docking station.  I had no problems with this setup for at least more than 60-70 tapes.


      When PPro reported dropped frames, the playback had no problems and had normal pictures on its screen.  But there were pixelated area showing on the PPro capturing monitor. Occasionally, there were so many dropped frames, PPro quits and stops capturing all together.


      I changed my USB cable, clean my pc inside with no success.


      Any helps will be greatly appreciated.




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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Have you installed the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update? That update fixes a lot of problems.

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            ur3838 Level 1

            My cs5 has been updated.  So I do not think it a problem.


            Thank you.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Try capturing with PR to an internal dedicated HDD, instead of to your backup disk. USB = Universal System Backup. It is not suitable for anything else, especially NOT for editing.

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                jday7757 Level 1

                I had the same problem capturing mini-DV footage on my new i7 machine with Windows 7.  I can capture the exact same footage fine on my old WindowsXP laptop (with no dropped frames), but the more powerful i7 desktop did drop frames.  That led me to believe that this was a problem with Windows 7.  I use the past tense since I've recently gotten a new camcorder that uses AVCHD so no more capture issues.  I saw the question above about installing the latest Adobe updates, but in my case I doubt that would have made a difference becuase the dropped frame issue occurred also when trying to capture the footage in Vegas 9 Pro and a couple of other programs leading me to believe it had nothing to do with PPro.  I did find other threads with similar issues and it appears to be a firewire issue with Windows 7.  There were some recommended solutions, but none of them worked for me.  The good news (for me) is that it gave me the excuse I needed to get my new Sony HDR-CX550.

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Go into control panel and make sure your Firewire device driver is the one with LEGACY in the name

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                    jday7757 Level 1

                    The Legacy drivers was the main recommendation I had found when searching for solutions, but it didn't make any difference.  I also bought a new firewire card to see if the problem was the firewire port but it didn't help either.  Like I said, now that I have a new camcorder, I don't need to "capture" anymore.

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                      ur3838 Level 1

                      I tried internal drive, but it did not help!




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                        ur3838 Level 1

                        I already got my Sony SR12 camcorder using hard drive & Pana Lumic ZS3 & FZ 100 with SDHC memory cards for my cvideo need, 

                        so I am in the same league as you and do not have to capture any video footages now.


                        However, I got more than 400 hours of videos in mini DV tapes which need to be captured into my PC.  That is where my problem lies.  Luckily, I archived most of my videos up to 2006 now (just recently change from CS4 to CS5), so there are only about 40 more tapes to go.  Cross my fingers.


                        As I said before, it all works fine until recently.


                        I restored my pc to the time when CS5 was first installed and will see if it will work.  Maybe CS5 got corrupted.


                        Thank you for all the helps and interests in this issue.


                        Thanks again.  I will post back if I find a solution.

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                          Did you find a solution???



                          I have this same problem!


                          I just bought this new computer


                          i72600k 3.4Ghz oC to 4.8Ghz (stable)

                          16GB DDR3 G.Skill Ram

                          Asus P8P67 Deluxe B3 motherboard ( Firewire port is part of the Mother board)

                          WD 7200 RPM Sata3 6.0GB/S 64mb HardDrive

                          Win 7 64Bit

                          Adobe CS5 Ver. 5.5


                          I need to put about 30 Mini Dv tapes onto my computer but keep getting dropped frames.

                          I get about 1 dropped frame per 5-10 min of footage captured.


                          I disabled preview.


                          I opened Task manager and adobe is only using 5% of cpu power and hardly any RAM when capturing


                          I opened tools in CS5 and it said it had 13GB RAM dedicated for adobe,


                          What is going on?

                          Do i need a different driver other than what win7 offers?


                          I shouldnt really need another firewire card should i ?

                          Should io change the cord?


                          Most articles i have read say it has to do with system usage or CPU power,..

                          Task manager is saying less than 5% cpu usage so i dont think its my specs....


                          Help PLease


                          macdonaldkirk@gmail.com if u have a solution.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Welcome to the forum.


                            First question: was that tape reused?


                            Good luck,



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                              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              "I get about 1 dropped frame per 5-10 min of footage captured."  That sounds to regular for me.  Have you turned off indexing on your drives?  Have you disabled your Antivirus and other running processes while capturing/editing?

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                                mayhampixi Level 1

                                wow super fast reply thanx!


                                the tape may have been reused.. but not very likely as i allways bought new tapes so i doint think so,


                                No i havnet turned off indexing but will try that when i get home,


                                Yes last night i did turn off the antivirus program and didnt touch the computer or other programs, still dropped frames


                                However according to task manager capturing doesnt seem to be using much of the cpu or ram anyway or am i missing something that turning off antivirus and other programs effect capturing besides using system resources?

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  OK, the reused tape can possibly be ruled out.


                                  Then, I'd look into Bill's comments. I was thinking more about "hub bump" with an older tape, but think that his ideas are better.


                                  I'd try again, but with all anti-virus, hibernation, energy saving, and especially Windows Indexing OFF.


                                  Good luck, and please report.



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                                    mayhampixi Level 1

                                    ok update


                                    turned off indexing for the hdd.... didnt work


                                    updated driver for firewire to the windows 7 legacy... didnt work...


                                    keep you posted..

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                                      mayhampixi Level 1

                                      Update tried capturing on a SSD HDD which is capable of write and read speeds of 250mb/s

                                      1 dropped frame within 10min,,,,,


                                      arrrggg so annoying..

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                                        mayhampixi Level 1

                                        ok update


                                        Disabled indexing for SSD

                                        Disabled virus scanner

                                        Disconnected Internet cable.



                                        WORKED NO DROPPED FRAMES 20minutes




                                        Tried on the HDD 7200RPM 1GB 64MB


                                        WORKED NO ERRORS NO DROPPED FRAMED whole 58min perfect.

                                        It seems like either the virus disabling or the dissconnecting of the internet cable worked.......

                                        Very hard to believe that either would cause a problem with my computer specifications....


                                        I mean 16GB RAM Quad core with Hyperthreading so 8cores running at 4.8Ghz.... weird... Id like adobe or Win7 to comment on that,,,


                                        But who cares right as long as it Works!!!

                                        Yay so happy,,


                                        WIll check tomorrow night with other tapes and see if it is as successfull


                                        Thanx for the help

                                        ill let u know tomorrow night if it continues to work!



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                                          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          Not weird at all if for instance your virus scanner and/or indexing have a higher priority than the capture something has to give.

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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            I agree with Bill (the smart Bill) on this.


                                            Several things happen with Windows Indexing and real-time anti-virus scanning. They are not identical, but very similar. With Indexing, whenever a file is created, Windows Indexing tries to, well Index that file for speeding up future searches. In that task, it does a good job. However, with AV files there are two problems: the files are large, and Indexing cannot really find anything in them to Index, but it keeps trying. During these attempts, it locks the file, and also steals resources from the system, while it chugs and flails away, really doing nothing useful. Depending on when it starts working on a file, it can REALLY get in the way. One most often sees the effects of Indexing, just after writing a file, and then trying to use it. It will often be inaccessible, even to the program, that just created it. Real-time, active anti-virus (actually anti-anything) is even more active. It will pour though any file, as it's being written, or even just accessed. These programs can lock files that are needed to launch, or run a program, just because the program is attempting to access the necessary files. This often happens quickly, and transarently to the user, but if the files are larger, the program can timeout, waiting for the anti-virus program. Also, the instant that a file begins to be written to the system, these programs begin pouring through them byte by byte, and can again cause timeouts.


                                            Obviouosly, if one has any Internet presence, anti-whatever programs are necessary, even with most levels of firewalls. However, because of their natures, they can really get in the way with video and image editing. If one is having these issues, then no Internet (I'm using that term, but it really translates to a much broader situation, including POP, etc.) activity should be on-going. Some, however, are better than others. As multi-tasking have become more popular and necessary, and everyone cannot have a totally dedicated workstation, it might be useful to see some of the recs. in this ARTICLE for possibilities. There are a few more like this, but this was the most recent that I knew of.


                                            Good luck, and very glad that you are now capturing OK,



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                                              mayhampixi Level 1

                                              About Ten down about 15 to go!

                                              Can't wait until i have them all safelly on my HDD!





                                              Still having problems with dropped frames...

                                              I Uninstalled AGV Virus Scanner completly and it seemed to help.

                                              I did about 7 Mini DV Tapes yesterday and only had problems before i Uninstalled the anti-virus.


                                              Anyway i powered up the computer this morning put in a fresh tape and have had Dropped Frames 5 times so far.

                                              so restarting the process 5 times GRRRRR


                                              No internet

                                              No Indexing

                                              No antivirus

                                              Oh and i bought a new cord just in case..




                                              Hopefully i can just get through the next fifteen tapes otherwise...

                                              Otherwise im going to do a fresh format re-install, install win7 64bit and then CS5.5 and thats it,

                                              no updates for windows no internet no virus no programs Nothing!


                                              Anyway at least i have done 10!  It was better then before when it was none.

                                              Im wondering whether CS5.5 is that hot combined with win7 though, i really didnt expect all this trouble.


                                              Thanx for your help!

                                              I'll keep you updated if i find any other fixes or do a fresh install and start again.




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                                                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Have you tuned your Win 7 OS to get rid of unnecessary processes, you still may have something else that interrupts the capture?  Look at Task Manager/Processes Tab and check show all.  How many processes do you have running just after bootup before you start any programs?


                                                I run with 32  and I find I can turn off 4 of those (I may be extreme) and I think Harm has 40 or so, but his are carefully checked to make sure they do not interfere with editing/capturing..

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                                                  Powered by Design Level 4

                                                  If you do go the fresh install of windows route what I have done is buy and NEW hard drive and just take your current one out and set it to the side. 

                                                  That way if after installing windows doesnt fix your problem you can just pop back in your old hard drive and be back to where you left off.

                                                  Drives are cheap and you can use either one as a backup drive after.


                                                  Just a though:  GLenn