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    No Audio rendering in MPEG format


      hello everyone, im having some problems with rendering audio and visual.


      Really quick im trying to render/export in MPEG2 format.

      i rendered in quicktime and its work fine but the files are near 1 gig for a 2 min video in HD.

      so now i want a video file about 50 MB and i want to use MPEG2 format. but when I do it reners out the visual just fine but theirs no audio at all.


      im using a MacBook Pro i7 OSX


      i own CS5 master


      what am i doing wrong what is going on? how come im getting no audio? is it because Mac is being stubbern by the format. im new to Mac so.


      someone told me it could be the multiplexer?

      i just want to render a 50MB video with audio at 480x 320 frame

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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          Yeah, it's your multiplexing. Make sure that multiplexing is set to MPEG2. Other multiplexing options will render your audio as a separate file or else not at all.



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            Glitch89 Level 1

            Thnaks for your help. the screen shot really helped. But the thing is, its already at that setting.


            OK so i just found this out. even though the setting are are all correct, guess what, Mac wont play the audio. I just played my video on a PC and it works. this is stupid. Mac plays the video but without sound, PC plays both audio and visual. Why is that???

            FYI, my mac is updated with all software updates.


            What am i missing? why cant my mac play the audio?


            Again. THanks so much for you help

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              On the Mac, it is possibly a CODEC, that can be used with the player that you have - QT Player?


              Do not know about the Mac, but on the PC, there are a half-dozen good players (much better than the WMP), GOM, VLC, MediaPlayer Classic HC, and on it goes. There is bound to be a good, general-purpose player for the Mac, and like VLC and MPC HC, one with all the necessary CODEC's built in. I just do not know what is available.


              Good luck,




              PS - note that muxed MPEG Audio can present problems for many programs, and Adobe makes a few of those. It is not a perfect situation.