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    help with voiceovers...what have I done wrong!!!


      Hi, I am a first time poster and a recent

      convert from Vegas so please be patient.


      Have recorded footatge and have correctly recorded voiceovers and am trying to record more; the problem: within the audio mixer window, I cant get the program to recognize any imput from my soundcard.  All settings are identical to other instances of PP5 which will recognize the material being recorded.  It seems as if something is muted somewhere else in the program other than the mixer window.  Playback of other material is fine, I just cant get anyghing new to go in, or even recognize on the meters.  the input is chosen correctly, the tracks are neither muted nor locked, and the hardware device is set up properly in windows...it works with any other instance of PP5 (or vegas for that matter) just not this one instance...help me please!!!



      Paul Crawford