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    Highlighting search results changes formatting

    shuttie27 Level 1

      Hello All

      Robohelp 8.0.2 (TCS2) on Windows Vista.


      I am creating WebHelp from a linked FrameMaker book. The output is generated fine, and looks as expected when opened in Firefox and Internet Explorer.


      However, on the Search tab, if I search for a term with the Highlight search results checkbox selected, then select a topic, the formatting changes in portions of the content around the highlighted items. For example, any sentence that has a search item highlighted is in a larger, blue font instead of the expected 10pt black font.


      What makes it more complex is this; here is a sample sentence:


      Positions which are not restrictive can only be airframe-level positions in a zone.


      In this sentence the word "not" is correctly italicized by use of a character format. None of the other text has a character format applied. The word "zone" is a highlighted search term. All the text before "not" is fine. All the text after "not," up to and including "zone," is in the larger blue font.


      If I deselect the Highlight search results box, then refresh the page, everything reverts to how it should look. I get the same results in both Firefox and IE. If I view the page source, either in FF or IE, there is no extra formatting applied in the HTML that would account for the changed appearance.


      I added the following to my CSS:

      body { font-size:10pt;

                color: #000000; }


      Now most of the text is the correct size and colour (10pt black) but if I search for "zone", any heading (whatever level)  that has the word "zone" in it is formatted as 10pt bold, instead of the  larger blue. For example, H3 should be 13.5pt, #333366 but it comes through as 10pt bold black. Any heading *without* the word "zone" in it is OK.


      Links are another thing. They are still links, but appear as regular body text (no colour change, no decoration).


      Has anyone else seen this problem? It looks like a bug to me. It appears that highlighting the search results somehow switches off the effects of the CSS in each paragraph that contains a highlighted search term. I know I can turn off the highlighting in the WebHelp properties, but that is hardly a solution.




      Roger Suttleworth

      London, Canada