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    Text looks bad exported from AE CS5


      After converting from CS4 to CS5 all of the text I create in AE looks very pixilated. It is almost like a raster vs. vector thing. Looks great when created in AE but after exporting either through dynamic link to Premiere or through uncompressed export to an AVI file it looks really bad. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What do you mean by "pixelated"? Do you have a screen shot? Is it similar to this?

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            hcdfower Level 1

            Here is an example. I know this is probably a setting but no matter what I do it looks bad. I actually posted on that thread as well. I decided to create a new thread because that one is sort of different. This is not a resolution issue. The crappy thing is that I had this done is CS4 and it looked good and then they wanted a small change and I had converted to CS5, done some work and it was after I output it that I realized the problem. I have tried many different outputs from using encore to create a DVD to different codecs and all give similar results.



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              hcdfower Level 1

              I figured it out.


              Premeire problem -


              I had slightly moved the text panels by simply clicking and dragging to a different position. They were graphics with a transparent background so I could simply grab and move it a hair to be in a better place asthetically in premiere. I had done this in CS4 and when exported it didn't have any effect on the quality. I figured out that if I clicked on the little fx icon next to the motion effect it would turn off the effect and move the object back to its original spot. Keep in mind this was just barely move any of these. For some reason after exporting I can now go back in and click it back on which moves it back and it looks fine like it did in CS4. This is a goofy problem. There must be enough of a difference between the two versions that you have to do any moving using the CS5. I was really pulling my hair out.


              AE problem -


              I had the open GL previews selected and render simultaneous frames selected and it created a reduced resolution preview.


              My Players Problem -


              All of my players were set to resize the video to the size of the screen on startup and since I am outputting to SD on a 28in. 1080p monitor it was looking pixilated in my players because it was just slightly too big.


              The biggest part for me was that even though I was creating the text new in AE I was replacing existing footage in premeire which was keeping the original position settings which I had moved. I know this is probably confusing but I did find the answer to my problems.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Glad you got it sussed. A combination of small issues all came together to frustrate you, eh?