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    Error #2038


      Trying to download an ebook with the extension .ascm, I receive the following message:  Error during recovery after failed manifest save. Error deleting file: /Users/administrator/Documents/Digital Editions/manifest.xml Error detail: Error #2038


      I have deleted and re-downloaded the book, restarted Adobe Digital Editions.  Someone tell me what to do, please.

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          This is the same issue I encountered.  The download included a corrupt file "manifest.xml." Have been trying to remove it, but can not.  Get the message, file is corrupt and unreadable and can not delete.


          No one here has been able to offer any advise on how to delete it.  You can not successfully reinstall Digital Editions with the corrupt file on your computer.  Adobe sends you in circles - "Live Chat" says open a case with Support.  Support says go to Live Chat. You may get an answer by paying them $39.00 to tell you how to get THEIR corrupt file off YOUR computer, but considering the amount of responsibility Adobe is taking for this very poor program, I wouldn't trust that they would fix the problem even then.  The file is creating more problems for me on my computer.  Adobe has seriously become bad news!!!