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    Premiere Elements 9 DVD's won't play in Sony players

    Mighty Mr. Mitu

      This problem spans "Pre 3, Pre7, and Pre9" where the DVD's made on any of these versions will NOT play in any of the three Sony DVD players we have. I upgraded from ver 3 to ver 9 (trying 7 on the way) to solve this problem but NO luck. Adobe tech. sent me to this forum to find the answer but no luck, here's what I've got.

           The video I'm trying to burn was captured by "Pre 3" from my digital 8 camera of my grandson (home movie)

           Tried the DVD's in our Sony's with no luck but the DVD will play in our Panasonic and on all of our computers.

           Updated the firmware in one of the two DVD burners in my computer to see if that made a difference . . .NO. . . (burned a DVD with 3,7,9 ver. on two different burners, no luck

           Loaded the same video into Roxio 8 and did a "SIMPLE" burn to a DVD and it will Play in anything i put it in.

      I've got 13 grandchildren and a lot of digital 8 movies of them I want to share through DVD's but Premiere Elements is putting the stops to that. The only way I see to solve the problem is to do all my burning with Roxio and not use the DVD burning portion of Premiere

      Can anyone HELP?

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          Paul787 Level 3

          There are others here who can help you out in more detail, but one of the first questions is

          what type of blank DVD discs are you using? A brand like Verbatim is preferred and also burning at the slowest possible speed is recommended.


          I use Premiere Elements 4 and have yet to find a DVD player that my DVD's won't play on so I'm sure there is a solution to your issue.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            First, this ARTICLE discusses playability issues with burned DVD's, and some things to consider.


            Next, you might test by Burning to Folder from PrE, and then using the great, free burning utility, ImgBurn to do the physical burn. One big plus of this method is that ImgBurn will allow you to lower the burn speed, where PrE will choose the highest, based on the speed of both the blank media and the burner.


            Good luck,



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Sony and Pioneer brands are notoriously bad at playing home-burned DVDs.


              But as was mentioned, a good brand of DVD (like Verbatim) can help. So can burning your discs at no faster than 4x.


              But it's by no means a software issue, and it has nothing to do with the types of files Premiere Elements produces.


              It could be, however, that Premiere Elements is burning the discs too fast. And using Roxio or ImgBurn will produce perfectly playable DVDs from Premiere Elements DVD files.

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                Mighty Mr. Mitu Level 1

                I knew there were other options and

                I intend to try each of them, Thanks for the

                sugestions and if there are any more I'd be proud t

                o hear them

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  In your workflow, the variable seems to be the physical Burn. PrE creates 100% DVD-compliant files in the VIDEO_TS folder, and that is shown by using Nero (or Roxio, or ImgBurn). Same files - good discs.


                  For me, one of the biggest weakness in the total DVD (or BD) authoring process with PrE is its choice of burn speed, and no ability to alter that down. The thinking, at least as I interpret it, is that getting the process done as quickly, as is possible, is a boon to the user. I feel that it is not. For the few moments that are saved in the Burning process, if one has to re-do just one disc, that is lost. The biggest time consumer is the Transcoding step, and not the physical Burning.


                  I happen to use another Adobe program, Encore, which does allow me to adjust the Burn speed. If I did not, I would always use ImgBurn, as it allows that speed change, plus it writes pure files. From some descriptions, Nero and Roxio both alter things slightly. Usually, that will make no difference, but many have had issues. One area, where these issues can arise, is when one tries to Import the resultant VOB's into a program, like PrE, or PrPro, is that they do not Import perfectly all of the time. That is because they are no longer 100% DVD-compliant, though the files fed to it, probably are. I cannot give specifics of where the changes are made, as I do not know either program, let alone their inner workings. Maybe others can provide useful details here.


                  Good luck, and I hope that the use of another Burning utility will get you 100% playable discs, but just remember that no DVD player is certified to play ANY burned disc - only commercially replicated disc, which are produced by pressing with glass masters - totally different, than Burning.



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                    Mighty Mr. Mitu Level 1

                    I downloaded ImgBurn and will add that to the process of making my home

                    videos. I looked at Encore, but at this point in time I'm a little hard

                    pressed to buy another Adobe application to fix the failures of another. The

                    real sad point is the Adobe tech. staff sent me to this forum to get the

                    help I needed. Having to use a "freeware" program to get the end product

                    they should have provided. Thanks ever so much for you time and help.

                    Jerry  Hampton

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      As you have noted, Encore is not a viable solution, as it is ONLY bundled with PrPro, which is the "big-brother" to PrE, and costs about 10x as much. Once, Encore WAS a stand-alone, but as of CS3 (now up to CS5), it was only available with PrPro.


                      For the vast majority of users, the burning to DVD in PrE works fine - but then, and as mentioned, any Burned DVD runs a great risk with 100% playability in all players. Sometimes, one has to look into a workflow change, like using ImgBurn for the physical Burn. If it will get you DVD's, that are 100% compatible with your playback hardware, at least the "fix" is free, and virtually painless.


                      I test every DVD that I produce commercially in about 6 different players, from a very high-end esoteric down to a bargain-basement RCA, that only cost about US$99 new, way back when. While that does not guarantee me that some client will never have an issue, I have not had one DVD returned, with over 2000 burned and delivered.


                      I always use Taiyo-Yuden for my DVD-5's, and Verbatim for my DVD-9's (DL), and burn at 4x for DVD-5 and 2.4x for DVD-9. Again, to date, I have never had one return. Closest that I have come is with one client, whose deck would not play ANY DVD-9's, that was burned - only commercially replicated DVD-9's. As a side note, some people think that some players cannot handle DVD-9's. This is incorrect, as if the player has the DVD logo, it is certified to play DVD-9's, but only commercially replicated DVD-9's. Most Hollywood releases are on DVD-9's. In that one case, I just did a "set" of DVD-5's, instead of a DVD-9, and all was fine.


                      Good luck,