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    AVCHD has to render in CS5??

    Ryan Beljan Level 1

      We just got our Sony NX5U and recorded some 1080p30 footage on an SD card.  We created a Premiere Pro CS5 projects that matches the footage we took.  AVCHD > 1080p30.  I copied the PRIVATE folder from the sd card to my 24" iMac (4GB ram. 2.8Ghz).  I used the Media Browser to preview the footage and drag it to the Timeline (which imports it to the project too).


      The footage has the red line above it in the timeline saying the footage needs to be rendered.  Why??  I thought there was native support for AVCHD in CS5.


      In addition, when I go to "Interpret Footage" of the clip that I have imported, Premiere Pro appears to be thinking the footage is interlaced.  It's set to "Upper Field First".  I then have to change it to "Progressive - No Fields".


      Thanks for helping me through this confusion.