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    Training will not update to my newly uploaded content. Please Help



      I have uploaded a presentation to the content area of my adobe connect account. I then created a training course in the Training area that is linked to this piece of content.  There has been several revisions to the presentation along the way that have been re-uploaded to the content area.  In the training area, I click the 'Select Content' tab and 'Update my content'.  For some reason my training will not update to show the most current content.  I have 'selected content' several times, tried it on different computers and had other people try it and it still will not work.


      I had this same problem a couple of months ago.  At that time, I called Adobe Tech support who tried to help me.  The problem was escalated through several layers of support, each layer not knowing what was happening or why.  Eventually the problem 'fixed itself' and the training finally updated.  The case was closed with no explanation.  I was told since there was no longer a problem they couldn't investigate it.


      Well i am having the problem...again.  i've already allowed a week for it to 'fix itself', but it is not working.  Has anyone had this same problem?  I am desperate.  Please help!  Thanks for reading this.