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    Frame being created when linking a Word file

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      Robohelp HTML version


      I have recently been given a new PC on which RoboHelp 8 has been reinstalled and my version of Microsoft Office updated from Office 2003 to Office 2007. Previous to this upgrade I was using the Link > Word Document feature without any problem for both Word and RTF files. However, following the upgrade when I now link a Word document or RTF file I get the following two issues:


      1) Each topic is now created within a frame using the <div class="WordSection1"> token. No frame was created previously.


      2) The first topic of the linked file is now repeated with the first instance having a htm file name that includes the Heading name plus the first line of text from the file (even though the first line of text is set to a different style). The resulting topic has no content, simply an empty frame.


      My operating system has not changed and remains as Microsoft Windows XP - Service Pack 3.


      Does anyone know if there is a setting in RoboHelp somewhere that I have not reset with the new install, or could this be a Micorsoft Office issue?