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    Missing Renderer

    Thomas Beach

      I am receiving an odd message that has only recently started popping up upon launching projects.  After clicking Open, and before the project loads, I get a dialog box which is headed:


      'Missing Renderer'.  It is then followed by the message:  'This project was last used with Mercury Playback Engine GPU Aceleration, which is not available on this system.  Mercury Playback Engine Software Only will be used'.


      I have the Nvida GTX-470 GPU card installed and the message has only started to pop up of late.  I've made no changes that I am aware of.  I can tell by watching playback that the message is correct and the card is not being used. Oddly, some projects don't give that message while others do.


      What would cause CS5 to suddenly quit accessing the card?  Could it somehow be offline?  And if so, how would I confirm that?  And finally, I noticed in the list of CS5 5.0.2 some fixes for Nvidia cards.  Is this a possibility? 


      Thanks for your help.