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    New cirrus command-line development in linux


      Hey everybody.   I've been researching and planning a development using the cirrus service for a while now and have finally gotten around to some serious development.  I decided to use the Flex SDK command line tools on a linux system for a majority of the early work.  I don't know how many members of the community are relying on the comand-line tools for their development, but I have run into a few issues.


      Here's what I'm running:

      Ubuntu 10.10

      Flex SDK 4.1.0 build 16076

      Flash Projector


      ..  I've been prototyping my app as a flex 4 mxml and have run into compiler issues when cirrus specific components are integrated into the code.



      So I have a few basic questions that some of the cirrus veterans might be able to easily answer.


      1.  Does the current stable Flex SDK release have support for the cirrus specific classes and logic?

      2.  If no, does the Flex SDK have to be configured or referenced via the OS in order to support cirrus, or is there a development build with support?

      3.  If yes, do actionscript or mxml files need to reference specifc libraries to identify the cirrus?

      4.  Do the command-line compilers need specific config variables to enable or disable cirrus features?