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    Unable to deploy flex application on server

      Hello there,

      After a lot of researches and copy/paste on Google, I finally decide to create a topic here, that means I am totally desperate.

      I have a dev environment on a Windows platform with  Apache/PHP/MySQL and Flash Builder 4. I am using the Zend Framework in  order to communicate with PHP classes in Action Script. Locally, all  work perfectly, PHP works and content is correctly updated in my Flex  apps.

      But I have a problem when i deploy application on my server(linux).

      I just export my Flex app to a release build, I modify the amf_config.ini. And I am sure my configuration is correct.

      ZendFramework is correctly installed.

      Class "xxxxxx" does not exist: Plugin by name 'xxxxxx' was not found in the registry; used paths: : /xxxxxx/www/services/

      The path is correct, my services are in the  "services" folder, but Zend does not find the classes. Is there a  difference between Zend Framework running on Windows and deployment  server.

      Can you help me?

      Thanks a lot.