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    Displaying a list

      I need to post a list of names with addresses. I have the list in an Excel file but I could easily convert that to anything.

      I want to display about 50 lines, with a scroll bar for the rest. This is kicking my butt. I would think it should be pretty easy but....

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          Rothrock Level 5
          Your question is a bit vague and open ended. Have you tried anything? Or are you stuck at the very beginning?

          Personally I would convert the list to XML, load it in. And then depending upon various things I would display it. One long 300 name list is a lot to scroll through. So I might want it to have like A-M, N-Z or something.

          You could also use CSS to format it for readability.

          Take the different parts one at a time, because each step is really independent of the others. So if you don't want to start with loading XML, perhaps start with displaying lines of text with a scroller. Later you can pass it whatever text you want after you know how.

          Break it down, divide and conquer.
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            noviceone Level 1
            thanks Rothrock

            I have converted the list to XML. Is there example code of how to display it with a scroller?