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    Can hardly hear my voice over on burnt project.


      Hi, i am new to

      forum and hoping someone can help with an issue i have. I have finished editing my 1st project which i have added a voice over to. On the project i can hear the voiceover fine, but when i burn the project to my hard drive i can hardly hear the voiceover however music and original sound track volumes are fine. From hard drive i burnt to disc via IMG burn as per Bills advice and project burnt easily but still have the same issue with voice over. Have i missed a simple setting somewhere? I am using Premiere Elements 8, Computor is an HP DV8, i7quad processor, 500gb 6gb ram.

      Appreciate your help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can't judge audio levels by what you hear through your computer speakers.


          In my books I recommend opening the Audio Mixer (under the Window drop-down menu) and using it to monitor the sound levels for each audio track.


          In order for your voice to be heard over your other tracks, your voice should be peaking at around zero and your other audio at no more than -6 or even -8.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Welcome to the forum.


            I am in agreement with Steve G. here. The Audio Mixer is a great tool for both editing Audio (at a Track-level - very important distinction), and for monitoring the resultant Audio.


            The first thing that I would do is to test your Project, as Steve points out, with the Audio Mixer open. Watch two things very carefully in the Audio Mixer:


            • The Audio Levels (shown as green bars on the meters), and focus on the Narration/VO (Voice Over)
            • Watch the Sliders for each Track, especially for the Narration/VO - does it move on its own?


            If the slider does move on its own, then you have accidentally added Track Keyframes to that Audio Track, and they are automatically adjusting your Track's volume.


            Next, do you have your Narration/VO on your Narration Track? If so, Select all of the Clips on that Track, and then drag them to another Audio Track, that is empty. If you do not have one, you can Create Track - Audio to accommodate the Clips. The reason for this test is that some have had issues with either the Narration, or the Soundtrack Audio Tracks. These issues have never been identified, and they seem both random and infrequent, but do happen, and I do not know exactly why. They are both fixed Tracks, and are automatically created for all Projects. They can also not be deleted, like other Tracks. They are convenient to place the Narration/VO, and the music onto, but that placement is not mandatory. When either/both seem to go off on their own, just moving the Audio from either/both to other Audio Tracks will fix the problem, whatever it is. On the off chance that you have been bitten by this random Bug, we can easily get around it, by using another free Audio Track.


            Good luck, and hope that something above proves helpful. Please report.



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              littlejasmine Level 1

              Hi Guys,


              Thank you very much for the quick responce which has resolved my issue that i had spent hours trying to fix.


              I used the audio mixer to check sound levels and all appeared to be correct.


              Sliders only moved at the start or end of a sound track where i had set them to change.


              So i dragged the Narration tracks to another audio track, reburnt project and it works great. Burnt to disc via IMG burn and all sound track played great also so project is now complete.


              Thanks again gents your help is really appreciated.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Glad that it worked for you, and thanks for reporting your success.


                I am not sure what causes issues with the two, fixed Audio Tracks, Narration and Soundtrack, but they do crop up from time to time. Usually, all works, as intended, though not always. I've also never seen an explanation of why things do go off, but moving the Clips to another Audio Track will usually fix things.


                Happy editing,