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    BUTTON OnMouseover - OnClick and OnSelect Button effects




      I am relatively new to CS5 FW.


      I have after viewing an online video tutorial on how to create Mouseover effects to a button have its appearance change, thats not the problem, i understand how to do it.


      BUT, I am having alot of trouble finding any information or tutorial on wether the following can be done in CS5 FW;


      1) Once the button is selected, during the click (while the mouse button is pressed down while on the button), have the button "appear" as though its being pressed.


      2) Once the button selection has been completed (after the mouse button has been released and the button has been selected), have the button appear how i would like it to appear.


      So overall this is what i want to happen to my button. I have the Button as per normal. I mouse over it and it adds highlighted effects. (Thats where i am up to at the moment). THEN i want when i click down mymouse for the button to appear INVERTED like its being pressed down. THEN once i let go of the mouse button and have selected that Button, for it to appear how i would like, which will be a completely different color, shape and size.



      Please reply if you have the knowledge on how to do this, or if you could, please create a step by step video tutorial (explaining the options you need to click, what to do, why you do it and show where and what your clicking on to achieve the above goal.) and place on youtube so others an myself can learn how to do this.


      I think FW CS5 is a powerful tool and i would be shocked completely if it cannot perfomr the above challenge for the amount of money people pay for it.


      Thank you, i hope you can help,

      Perhaps post a link to the video tutorial in this post for all to see