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    Regression from CoolEdit: Can no longer close file if playback is on.




      I open a bunch of files.

      I'm jumping around.

      I'm listening to selections.

      I'm copying selection ranges to new files.

      I'm making a whole bunch of cuts.

      I'm closing files and cuts I no longer need.

      I'm jumping, listening, closing. editing, jumping, copying. Doing stuff.

      I'm flowing.


      You've inserted a new step right into this middle of this workflow which accomplishes absolutely nothing except to slow me down:

      I can no longer right click a file and press "Close Files" if playback is engaged.


      The "Close Files" context menu entries is now grayed out for no reason.

      Who cares if playback is on? I want to close the file. I just *listened to something in it* to find out that it's one I don't need anymore.


      best regards,

      - Pzyn