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    Problem copying German Umlauts

    mvamsip Level 1

      Hello every one,


      I have a problem copying the German Umlauts (ü,ö,ä) from a pdf file. When I simply copy the text from the pdf file to paste in a text document, they come out like this: ¨u, ¨a, ¨o



      Please help me resolve this issue.




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          mvamsip Level 1

          By the way I am using Adobe reader X, the newest version.

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            torsten_kl40 Level 1



            I have the same Problem.


            I´m using Adobe Reader X (10.1.3) with OS X Lion.


            If I copy a text with German Umlauts into a HTML-Editor the German 'ü' is diplayed obviously ok and the browser shows it correctly too, but when I move the cursor through the text the German ü are two overlapping letter. Normally it should be one letter, namely the same as entering an ü. (Yes, the charset of my HTML-file is UTF-8 and the file is saved in UTF-8). The first of the two overlapping letters is a "normal" 'u' and the second is the  'COMBINING DIAERESIS' (U+0308) (http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/308/index.htm).


            Before I switched to OS X I used Adobe Reader with Windows 7 and I never had this problem. Strangely the problem only appears with 'ü's. 'Ä's and 'Ö's are copied correctly...


            Right now, I suppose there is a bug/feature/whatever in Adobe Reader X using OS X....


            Did you find a solution meanwhile?