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    Can you restore a project from a single file

    tojo45 Level 1

      Using Windows XP / RH8 & RH7 / RSC 3.1


      Is there a single file that lets you restore a project?   My co-worker believes this is the case, but I can find nothing in the RH Help, or on this forum using a search term of "restore project", "restore from file", "file types" etc.


      I can't find the Help page that has the explanation of each file type, which used to be easy to find.


      What we are looking for is an equivalent to the FHB file in ForeHelp.  You can restore the complete project from that one file.


      I have tried a dozen searches on the forum and get no reponses for anything.  Is search even working?


      Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.