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    Is it possible to use only SSd's and no HHD's?


      Hi. I was reading a little bit about SSD's. Some info said they are advancing quite well, and can outperform RAID arrays.


      Is it possible to video edit with only SSD's? I'm talking about mid-level to completely advanced.


      I understand the price point. I thinkg  SSD's can be a problem by storing the files sequentially and this causes a bottleneck with accessing the video footage, right? HHD's allow the drive head to read anywhere when needed....


      Has anyone tried it?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Not everybody has the deep pockets required for a SSD only system. But yes, you can.


          Sure, it would be fast and quiet. But just consider the staggering cost and you will be cured.


          To get the internal storage I have in my system (16+ TB) would require, based on for instance the OCZ Vertex 250 GB SSD's, only:


          65 SSD's @ € 600, so for the meager sum of € 39,000 you have the storage capacity. Add to that the 3 raid controllers required @ € 1,550 each, the extra housing to mount these SSD's, the extra PSU's and the investment ends up close to € 50 K.


          Compare that to a conventional disk setup plus a raid controller for only € 1,750 and no discernable performance gain of SSD's over conventional HDD's because of the limitations of the PCI-e bus.


          Talking about 'Bang-for-the-buck', SSD's are a sure way to blow money without any performance gain.

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            SyncroScales Level 1

            I am liking the very large amount of file memory you're posting. I am not there yet.. I have lots of external, but I'm working on getting the internal. I just havn't found any HDD's over 2Tb yet. I'd love inexpensive 3Tb+ to be out.


            That cost is staggering. Not for me.


            Would 7200rpms be good to go? Or should I be looking at the 10,000's? I'v read there is also bigger (15,000 rpms), but that seems to be pretty corporate or big company media. I just don't know the "minimum", medium and recommended. Could anyone do AVC-HD, or R3D, or what ever else is higher end with 5400 rpm HDD's?


            Thank you.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Start by pressing the overview button at the top of the forum. There is a dropdown box with a lot of articles that are good reading stuff for your purposes.

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                Panagiotis Raris

                Harm, (BIG fan of Bill Gherke and your work on PPBM4)


                What if one were to use only SSD's for OS, project, output, preview disks (all separate SSD's) for Premiere Pro CS5?


                Lets say i were to build a system with a Core i7 950 processor, X58 motherboard, 12BG 1600 DDR3 RAM, GTX460, 4 SSD's and 1 SATA II 3GB/sec 1TB RAID1 media storage drive (after export, files would be moved from the output disk to the media storage drive)... ALL SSD's would be TRIM compliant. Either 64GB or more likely 128GB TRIM compliant SSD's.


                Would this net a real increase over a RAID5 setup? I have added up the costs of building a system with a RAID10 OS drive and RAID0 project, output, and preview drives (10 drives total), and based on the exported file sizes i work with, SSD drives would be cheaper and theoretically comparably fast. I have Blu Ray burners for backup/storage and 10TB of network storage free, all i am looking for is performance in a smaller package and less bulk. Frankly, i would prefer SSD's because the MicroATX X58 system will be hauled to worksites to capture 4:2:2 10 bit component video with a Blackmagic Designs Intensity Shuttle (after its completed overclocking later this week) which cannot be captured with conventional CF/HDD recorders (4:2:0 8 bit) or the HDSLR's we use as multi-angle devices; i am concerned more with capturing higher quality, not with system costs. I can afford SSD's for this system as well.

                Basically, would an SSD such as Corsairs' Nova series (link) be a viable solution for faster editing on CS5 (they could be put in a RAID5 or other array later with the addition of more identical drives, which would be my intention, both for performance and security/redundancy) versus a system based on RAID0 project, output, and preview disks?


                If this has not been done, i am not above waiting until i can borrow a quartet of SSD drives, and testing it for PPBM4 and comparing it just to see. This system is a tiny MicroATX case with room for only 4 2.5" disks and one 3.5" disk (i run 18" SATA cables to a second ATX 'box' bolted adjacent that has a separate PSU, Blu Ray burner, fan controllers, and all non-OS hard disks installed) but i could easily (if i were to go all SSD) take the rig with me to various sets and record at better bitrates, uncompressed quality, etc.


                Looking forwards to your expert opinion,


                Panagiotis Raris

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  With the physical limitations of your case, you really do not have many alternatives, do you? But take into consideration that extensive testing by Bill with Patriot SSD's did not show any performance gains over conventional disks. The bus speed is still the limiting factor for larger arrays.


                  One complicating factor to keep in mind is that not all raid controllers support the trim function yet.


                  A possible alternative to SSD's might be a 4 disk raid array of Samsung Spinpoint MP4 500 GB notebook disks (7200 RPM) for less than € 200, which will be about as fast as 4 SSD's, but delivers 2 TB of space. And that is a distinct advantage when ingesting 4:2:2 material, which takes huge amounts of storage. The Corsair Nova 128 GB SSD is around € 200 as well, so it does not compare favorably to the € 200 for 2 TB storage. Almost 16 times as expensive. From these savings, you could increase memory to 24 GB, which does make a difference in performance.


                  One last thought. Have you considered the following drive cage in your system: http://www.webconnexxion.com/raid/product_info.php?products_id=652

                  It may replace the one large drive bay you have and allow 4 additional 2.5" drives.

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                    Scott Chichelli Level 3

                    quoted from the article..


                    The SSDs are better in almost every benchmark with the exception of throughput, which typically scales nicely with the number of drives used. This is where the hard drives won through sheer force of numbers.



                    video needs a lot of space. SSD's are to me a carzy idea


                    if working with AVCHD/XD etc its pointless anyway. 2 sets raid o are all you need

                    for higher res it becomes even more so due to size restricions on the SSDs.



                    when i can buy a 500G SSD for $200 then maybe.




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                      wired.au Level 1

                      Reviving an old thread here..


                      Having an aversion to RAID 0 setups after an unusually large number of disk failures over the past two years (i've mostly sworn off WD now), is it a good idea to run one 120GB SSD as a work drive to hold media and the project file, another SSD for scratch, and a multi-TB RAID 1 array for archiving once the project is completed? I would imagine having fewer spinning drives would lead to lower power consumption, noise, and heat output too.


                      I only work with at most 3-4 HDSLR simultaneous layers (and other low-bandwidth bits) in PPro and AE CS5, and single projects will generally fit into 120GB with plenty of room to spare. No point using SSDs for archival storage as once the work is done, it's done.


                      The yet-to-be-built computer is most likely going to be an i7-990X, 24GB RAM, and GTX570. The SSDs will most probably be OCZ Vertex 2s.





                      edit: ahh, found this other thread that covers the above in case anyone else is interested: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2767637

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                        I use a 120GB SSD OS drive on my Media/AV machine.  For temporary storage I use a two drive RAID0 array.  If I want to keep something I can burn to bluray and put on another drive.  I have a esata hotswap device I can just swap out disks like floppies or optical media.