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    After Effects CS4 project issues from English to French


      Hi All,




      So to give a quick summary of what our issue is, when a french AE designer (Using French AE) opened the project we had created in the UK (on English AE) he was getting errors mentioning that the xyz position preset was unavailable.  After spending a lot of time on the support line to Adobe they told me that the issue is basically that the x, y, z position preset which is part of the animation we created apparently DOES NOT translate across from English language After Effects over to French language After Effects (not entirely sure why, might be that this is code based and that the French code and English codes aren't the same).  Adobes only suggestion was for the french people to download a trial of the English language version of After Effects CS5 and make the amends and export using that.

      Now being a stubborn so and so, I wondered what might be the cause, I'm guessing that the expression code is language specific, which led me to wonder whther it could literally be translated?  So in english the expression is:

      value + [effect("Separate XYZ Position")("X Position"), effect("Separate XYZ Position")("Y Position"), effect("Separate XYZ Position")("Z Position")]

      Does anyone have French AE installed that could give us a clue to what the equivelent french expressions would be?

      Many thanks