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    Can't play published projects(*.htm) from Captivate 5




      I'm trying now a few days already to publish my Captivate 5 projects. Usually I used the *.htm format, but since my colleagues said that they can't open them, I tried it with the *.exe or *.app formats too. Sometimes it works sometimes nothing at all.


      With the *.htm files, the Adobe Flash Player Security Window comes up, but neither clicking "Settings" nor "Ok" is working. The movies starts for 1 sec and disappears immediately after.


      I tried different settings while publishing, Flash Player settings, changed the "SWF size and Quality settings" (*.swf is also not working by the way), used different browsers, but nothing really worked.



      Any ideas how I can solve that? It's really something I need to get fixed soon :-(


      Thanks in advance