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    AxisRenderer Positioning & Position Problems




      for a better understanding of my problem I have a little example: http://tillicious.de/stuff/Flex/Charttest.html (sorry btw that there are no bars to see no time to fix it for the exmple)


      So first thing is, as you can see, that the right axis of the chart is way to far away from the right end of the chart .. or from the end of the horizontal bottom axis.

      That only happens when I have big numbers - any workaround suggestions???


      Second thing is that I need to add an overlay for some axes that appears on mouseover. So in order to add a canvas to the chart, that works as the overlay, I need to know these points - marked in this image (http://tillicious.de/stuff/Flex/example.jpg)

      But how do I get these Points - I always had Problems with knowing the positions of an Flex element relatively to others.

      So I tried in my AxisRenderer (I have an AxisRenderer component in my real application)


      var axisPoint:Point = new Point(this.x, this.y);
      var newPoint:Point = myChart.localToGlobal(axisPoint);


      But the AxisRenderer doesnt start just where it is displayed, but at the very top of the chart, so I get completely wrong Data, to add the Overlay to that newPoint dimensions.

      I really need your help on this one guys - I ve been trying it for so long.

      Thanks in advance