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    Rich Symbol Contents don't update properly


      Hi Fireworks people,


      I have a Rich Symbol in which you can type text and set a few properties. Saving works but sometimes when there are many instances of this Rich Symbol in a document only parts of the entered text are displayed on the stage. In the symbol properties the text is still there.


      It looks like the Rich Symbol doesnt update properly for some reason. Is there a way to "refresh" the symbols to show the full text from the symbol properties on stage as well?
      I thought by calling the applyCurrentCalues() function of the Rich Symbol, Widget.UpdateWidget  or smth like that. BUt the documentation on these methods as well as other properties of the Widget Object isnt sufficient!

      In some cases when many Rich Symbols with text are on stage the text is even lost. Its visible in the symbol props but wrapped in a new line(red outline in image). You cant access the text anymore and have to re-create the symbol.(see screenshot) and an error is shown (blue outline)Problem.JPG


      I guess the second problem is some sort of bug but maybe someone has a tip/trick/advice for the first problem, to update the Rich symbol.


      Thanks a lot in advance!