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    Baggage Files

      I am trying to link to topics across projects. I have tried using the hyperlink box but for some reason when I generate (Web Help), it does not maintain the correct address for the link so the file will not come up.

      I then went to the Baggage Files option and thought it was working. But when I change a value in another project for the topic that was in my Baggage Files directory, the change was not shown. I have tried regenerating the project and it still does not bring in the "new" topic.

      What I had to do was delete the topic out of the Baggage File and then add it back....this can be a pain when we are using 7 different projects. Is there any way to have the topic in the Baggage file bring in the most recent copy of the topic instead of the copy of the topic at the time I added the topic to the Baggage File.

      I hope this question makes sense. I am a RoboHelp rookie!
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          Keep in mind that if you link to an external topic (RH considers any topic outside your current project to be external), it will create a link based on the relationship between your project and that topic at the moment you create the link!

          If, therefore, that topic is not in the identical location in the output being viewed on a server: oh, well, too bad!

          For example, we have a 40-project merged WebHelp between 6 writers. If I copy another writer's project to my machine and create links to some topics in that project, RH will create a relative link (../OtherProject/TargetTopic.htm) that will work perfectly. If I were to browse to that project on the server and select the topics, those links would be dead on arrival.

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