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    How to update a text control from an HSlider?




      I have an issue where I have a text control next to an HSlider to persist the slider's value.


      When the form comes up, the text control is 0 (zero).


      Yet, I successfully have the slider modifying the text control as the user slides it.




      So my question is...how can I update the text control when the form loads so the text control has the current non-zero value of the Slider before the user moves the slider?


      I'm trying code like below:


      // Trying to use creationComplete in HSlider mxml:


      <mx:HSlider> ..... creationComplete="initControl(slider.value);" />




      Then, in the form's method initControl() called by the slider above, I have this code:


          private function initControl(value:Number):void
                  textControl1.text = String(value.toString());    




      However, when initiControl runs, the value that's passed in is zero. The Hslider's value is 55.


      Am I using the wrong idea here or is this close to being correct?


      I'd appreciate any insights or ideas.




      -- M