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    Flex Hero - Air Http sessions and cookies


      Hi All,


      I am writing a mobile application with Flex Hero. My server requires authentication when app initializes user is prompted to login and of first pass I was able to leverage the cookies set in the server response header to allow subsiquent requests to pass server authentication. However, intermittently after authentication and several successful request/responses, requests stop sending the cookies back to the server and as such fail auth checks. This seems to only occur when testing on the Samsun Gallexy Tablet and not on my Nexus One.


      My server also supports setting the sessionID in a query param and I have altered my code to include the sessionID as a query param for every request and the issue seems to have been resolved.


      With AIR on mobile, or just AIR should I NOT rely on cookies and always set the sessionID as a query parameter or is this a bug?