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    Need for goto slide BUTTON


      Hello everyone,


      I'm currently creating a captivate project and would like to place a button on a master slide to return to the main slide. Because captivate doesn't allow buttons on main slides and placing a button on every slide is no option I need a static widget to achieve the functionality. Is anyone able to code or explain how to do it?

      The button should be displayed througout all slides at the bottom left corner and NOT pause the slide. Instead it shouldn't influence the slides but, when clicked, return the user to the first slide.


      Thanks in advance.

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can learn how to create widgets from the articles on this blog: http://www.infosemantics.com.au/widgetking/


          More info about widgets here: http://www.infosemantics.com.au/widgetfactory/info


          Alternatively, if you were wanting to hire a widget developer to create a custom-built solution for you, then you need to have an appropriate budget to pay the developer for his/her time:.

          Some info about rates here: http://www.infosemantics.com.au/catalog/widgets/Custom_WDGT_DevService/about

          And here: http://www.cpguru.com/freelance/


          A longer list of widget developers can be found at the bottom of this page: http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate/2010/11/drag-drop-in-adobe-captivate.html

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            brightonjon Level 2

            Why isn't placing a button on each slide an option?


            I need buttons like this fairly often, and it's pretty straightforward to:


            • create the button on one slide
            • set all its properties (including removing fades, unticking pause project, selecting the on success action and so on)
            • click on it to select the button
            • CTRL-C to copy it
            • select all the other slides in the filmstrip
            • CTRL-V to paste


            You should find that the buttons appear in an identical position on each slide so essentially performing the same task as a master button.


            Of course, each will have its own interaction ID if that's the problem ...

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              Niertz Level 1

              The question was if anybody is able to code or to explain how to code a widget for this. Your answers are no help concerning the initial question. Of course one could place a button on each slide or learn how to code widgets at all.

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                brightonjon Level 2

                My sincerest apologies for mistakenly trying to help you with a workaround that you perhaps hadn't considered.


                I assure you that I won't repeat the mistake in future.

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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hi Niertz


                  Putting on my volunteer forum moderator hat here.


                  That's a pretty harsh reaction to someone that is willing to take time out of their day and trying to assist you with an issue. We like to try and maintain as friendly of an environment here as we are able.


                  I was perusing this thread and I'm not understanding why you reacted the way you did with BrightJohn's response. His solution seemed pretty straightforward and helpful to me and I would have likely replied with the same response.


                  For future posts, we do ask that you please consider that any replies are only in the spirit of trying to assist with the issue. It would help us all out if the tenor of the post replies were in a friendlier tone.


                  Thanks in advance for understanding... Rick

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                    Mr_TD Level 2

                    Hi Niertz,


                    to get this back to your question.

                    Yes - one could program a widget doing this, but it is not meant to be in Captivate. If - as mentioned before you would request such a widget, we would charge 50 Euros to do so.



                    As you found out Captivate tried to have this functionality not in, otherwise

                    - you could have one button on the first slide and let it run throughout the complete project

                    - or - as you mentioned - inside the master slide


                    And I am sure that this is on purpose.

                    When I started with Captivate I wanted to have a lot of functionality, but over time I figured out that a lot things happen for a purpose.


                    So - before you are spending money on this here is another workaround:

                    Use the TOC and show only the first slide in the TOC. If you make it stay next to the slide you would have your functionality.


                    But be careful. If you have a quiz inside the slides, this might render your quiz slide useless.


                    There are workarounds for this too, but installing something like this, because you do not want a workaround and buying a workaround at another time, might be not the best idea.


                    I hope this gives you a bit of insight