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    Project Layering Help Needed


      Hey everyone,


      I'm in the process of updating my portfolio site using Flash Catlyst and am having some layering issues.


      Under the 'Graphic' tab, I have the first two buttons set up how I want, but as you will see, the layering causes the buttons to appear in front of the image in the Toggle Button when selected. Not what I'm looking for. The first image is how I want it to appear when the image is enlarged, the secnd is the issue with the button showing in front of the image due to layering.


      I've tried to combine the buttons as a custom/generic component, but the same problem still occurs.


      Anyone have any suggestions or fixes for this?




      Screen shot 2010-12-02 at 1.41.39 PM.jpg

      Screen shot 2010-12-02 at 1.41.28 PM.jpg

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          DSpragueDesign1 Level 1

          Also, I've tried grouping the components together as well. No luck.


          I don't understand why the button displays when I run the project, when in the Toggle Button selected editing state, it doesn't show the button at all.


          Any help greatly appreciated.



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            Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

            Just a quick thought, have you looked at the layer order of your assets? That might be what you need to adjust to solve this. The layers panel is located in the upper right of the UI.



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              DSpragueDesign1 Level 1

              Yes, that's what I examined first. However, there must be always something on top, and something on the bottom as far as layers go so it seems with FC.


              Essentially, what I need to have is all of the buttons on the same layer so that one button does not appear above another. The problem occurs in that whatever Toggle Button is on top does not have the issue of appearingin front of the selected state within it. But for all other Toggle Buttons below it, the ones above appear when the Toggle Button is in its slected state.


              It looks as though this isn't possible with FC, quite a disapointment and makes me wonder what the purpose of the Toggle Button is when this is an issue that seemingly cannot be fixed.

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                Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

                Thanks for forwarding me the file. I found the issue. In the original design, you combined the thumbnail and the large version of the image into a single toggle button. This means that all of its elements existed in one layer. The result is the large image that you want to appear as an overlay can never be higher in the visual layering than the component. Hence the issue you were seeing.


                You need to separate the thumbnail elements from the overlays in order for the layering to function properly. To work around the 20 page limit in Catalyst, I turned all the overlays into a custom component. The first page is blank, so it can be on the screen and have no affect on the thumbnail buttons.


                I uploaded a demo of a solution for you.