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    Adobe reader hanging for a few seconds after opening, what's the cause?


      Hello, I have the following problem: I open a pdf file in Adobe Reader and initially it woks fine, I can navigate and so on, but after about 20 s it suddenly gets like frozen so that I can do nothing but wait until when after about 15 s it recovers and I can continue reading and moving around. It is just an annoyance since it happens every time I open a document. I have installed several actualizations (icluding the last one) of the program but the problem is still there. It is like if some conflictive process starts shortly after the openning and after it finnishes the program works fine again. I have looked in the tasks administrator to see if I find some parallel process that may start itself but as far as I can see nothing more starts after AcroRd32.exe.


      Some idea?

      Thank you in advance