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    Flash ActiveX in C++ app - how to communicate?


      Hello everybody!

      I think that most of the people here on this forum will not be familiar with C++, but familiarity with Flash ActiveX controls is actually more than enough to help me!

      Here is my situation. I'm doing some desktop application (C++), and I want to use some fancy graphics for GUI, and I think flash would be the good idea. Possible solutions include using GDI (too primitive), OpenGL (too complex for my task), Silverlight (not well supported yet) and Flash - which I will probably choose. And I need your help with some questions.

      I'm using Visual C++ (MFC), so I just placed the Flash ActiveX control on the form, then loaded the SWF with put_Movie()/Play(), and now trying to communicate:

      A) To communicate from flash to C++, e.g. to report when the button inside SWF is clicked. I think FSCommand is the solution here. Please tell me if any other methods exist.

      B) To communicate from C++ to SWF - some mechanism to fire events in C++ and catch those events in flash (ActionScript). This is the part where I don't have any answers and need your advice.

      Any kind of help would be much appreciated!