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    Pages to component to create Media Player Flip


      Hi Everyone...


      I'm creating my portfolio using Catalyst and have a question.  I have buttons (thumbnail of art work) that when rolled over, shows a larger image in a central location. In another project I created a media player to play each media types (For example...Video...Illustrations) Below is a link to my video player. I did this using Pages...Check it out.




      Knowing that now, once a thumbnail is clicked. That page will flip over and on the other side will be that media player of that category. I figured out how to flip images over to show the other side. My question is...can I import that media player project as a component to be on the other side of the page? Make sense? Or I'm running up the wrong tree?




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          Steve from Mogrify Studio Level 1

          I'm a little confused by what you mean when you say "flip over" because Flash Catalyst comes with a 3D transition that "flips". I looked at your example that you said you made in pages - from this example, I'm only seeing one Flash Catalyst State/Page.


          And when you say Media Player project, do you mean the individual video you want to play? Or are you trying to import the entire Project, as it is, on your example to one state of your FC project?