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    Color Picker swatch

    celebritymusic Level 1



      I'm created multiple instances of the basic color picker component, using a library linked color picker.


      I was wondering if there is any way to change what colors are available in the swatch?





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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure what you are after.  The easiest answer to offer is that you just need to change whatever image you are using for the color selection.  If it's the one from the tutorial of your other posting, I doubt you'll find something that has more to choose from except for a larger version of that one (not an enlarged version of that particular one though).

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            celebritymusic Level 1

            Hi Ned


            I was thinking with regard to the colour picker component in Flash.


            I could achieve what I want using it, only if I was able to choose which colours to be available in the swatch.


            Is that possible?


            Cheers for your help today Ned.



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you are using the built-in ColorPicker component you can define what colors it offers via its 'colors' property... for example, for one with an instance name of cp...


              cp.colors = [0x000000,0xff0000,0x00ff00,0x0000ff];


              You should always go thru ther Flash help documentation when you have questions about components or any other object for that matter.  You said you wanted to get your head around OOP, and understanding the basics, that almost every object has properties, methods, and events associated with it, that are documented in the help files, is vital to being able to solve your own designs.  Anytime you want to implement a new kind of object you should read thru the help docs to see what properties, methods, and events (and sometimes constants) it is supported by.

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