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    Best practice for images. Air for Android

    NickDF__ Level 1

      Hey guys...


      I was thinking about the best solution when it comes to images storage for Air on Android.


      Since I dont have much experience with non-web based apps, I thought of two way and I would like to know your thought on them.


      1.Application Storage Directory. If I get it right, this folder is created when the app is installed and the project can access files in it. Any idea on how this can work with images?


      2.Database. My app uses a local database anyway so maybe that the proper way to do it. I've done some research and found out that the image must be converted to a byte array (thats easy) but then I dont have a clue on how to save it to the database.


      So? Which one is better for the mobile world?


      Also, if there are other ways let me know please.