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    Link Flash Content to external images and files


      Alright, first of all thanks to everyone in advance for your help.


      I have created my design in PS and then converted it into a flash catalyst project.


      I need to accomplish a few things that I am stuck on though:


      I need to be able to update text fields (with scrolling) through a .txt file and images from my web server. I just need to be able to update my information without going back into Flash Catalyst and manually adding text and images. I would also like to preserve some of the features like zoom/popups and such with it.


      I know how to do everything up until Flex Builder. I saw a great tutorial on how to add dynamic text/img fields from Flex Builder but am not sure how it would go from Flash Catalyst-->Flex Builder.


      Would this require a database or can I make certain fields call certain .txt files or images. I need to have this format so that I can update 30-40 pages easily through text files and uploading to a web server. Here is what I am looking for...




      As mentioned, I just want to be able these fields externally from a .txt file and images from my web server. I am just wondering what the best means would be to accomplish this. Also, it is very critical for me to preserve the actions and effects that I created in Flash Catalyst. I am in the Flex Builder Mode!


      I appreciate any help!