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    XDCAM HD 422 1080p 24fps & premier Pro CS5.02


      I recently shot a

      music video with XDCAM HD 422 1080p 24fps. I tried to edit with updated pr

      emier CS5 natively on my friends computer. I copied all contents from XDCAM disks to HD and tried to import the clips through Media brows to edit them natively. But the problem is

      the premier sees most Video clips as Audio and sees some other correctly, at the same time VLC can see all clips very nicely which proves the media is not curropted. My friend uninstalled his software, did a CS5cleanup and reinstalled and

      updated the software to 5.02, still same problem. Even Media encoder and after effect see

      the Clips all as audio. Please help:

      His system is I7980, 12 GBRam, Quadro 4000, runing 4 HD DRive on Raid o for video editing.