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    dtd not found

    Mi_D Level 3

      HI All

      When i kept my input xml inside dtd folder and import it import xml with any error and all name entity like   are convert.


      But when input xml outside dtd the folder and import it show messeage dtd is not found. below my sample xml


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!DOCTYPE cover SYSTEM "\\F\D_Drive_backup\Job\Cover\abc\abc.dtd">
      <cover type="regular">
        <jti>Journal of Luminescence</jti>

      <overprint required="yes"/>

      <eightdigitartilce id="CO2" artilce="80001449" categ="IC"/>

      <eightdigitartilce id="CO4" artilce="80001450" categ="OC"/>
        <date>January 2011</date>



      is any change require in xml


      thank in advance