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    AE CS5 can't load projects from an earlier version



      I have several AE projects created back in 2006. I've tried to open them in AE CS5 but I get an error:

      (Translated from spanish) After Effects error: this file was  created in an earlier version of After Effects [5.5.1 (Windows)] and  can't be opened. You can convert this file using an earlier version of  After Effects and saving it again.

      What a solution! I can't even remember what AE version was used to create the file back in 2006!

      Is this normal? new versions of AE can't load earlier version projects or what?

      What can I do? I don't have an earlier version of AE at hand right now...


      OK, Let's suppose I did that project in After Effects 6 (I'm not sure,  but maybe). Let's suppose I can install and run AE6 in my Windows 7 x64  machine (I'm not going to downgrade to Windows XP x32). OK, I load the project,  And save it again? What's the point on doing this? I can't save it in  AE-CS5 format from AE6. If it was created in AE6 I can only save it in  AE6 format (the format that it already has) or older, but not newer!

      Just imagine if MS Word 2010 could not load docs created in MS Word 2003...